On Personae

In a sense that is. Here I present the outline for the Personae chapter of Dangerous Journeys. It shows my recommended course to follow when creating an HP, but keep in mind that I may be adding more as I think of it.

Mythus Persona

  1. Persona
    1. Gender
    2. Birth Date
    3. Age
    4. Birth Rank
    5. SEC
      1. Birth
      2. Vocation
    6. Species
    7. Race
      1. Birth Place
        1. Information
          1. Nationality
          2. Residence
    8. Joss
    9. APs
    10. Religion
    11. Personality
    12. Background
    13. Appearance
      1. Hair
      2. Eyes
      3. Skin
        1. Complexion
      4. Height
      5. Weight
        1. Build
      6. Attractiveness
        1. Inner Ugliness/Beauty
      1. Description
  2. Statistics
    1. Trait
    2. Category
    3. Attribute
  3. Resources

We start with gender, because that makes sense to me. Matters such as species and Vocation follow Social Class because what Species and Vocations are available depend on SEC (Socio-Economic Class).

And as an example of Species and SEC, consider the uplifted Sasquatch of Abyss, who are limited to the lower lower class for the most part, though a few extraordinary individuals have attained as high as lower middle class.

Anyway, I’ve got a chapter to write, and that will take awhile.

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