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Before we get to the post itself, I thought it best to tell you something as to why I see things the way I do.

First, I’m creative, and that means I’m ready and willing to work outside the box.

Second, I grew up on Scientific American and Analog. In short, I like science and I’m willing to use it in most anything. Well, at least what I understand as science. With that in mind we’ll go on to the post.

You Ever Think?

With the starships heading out into the galaxy close by, and the effects of gravity becoming more and more apparent, a member of the Builders (a computer nicknamed Coyote) asked a question. A question dealing with why they were building the Warden. Everybody knew they were supposed to launch the ship when she was completed, but the official orders had never come. So now what?

They didn’t need the Warden anymore, what with FTL ships flying around. And the plan to build a Dyson Sphere around the Solar System was proving to be a bad idea. What to do?

So Coyote made a suggestion, launch the Warden without orders.


Things had changed after all, and the old governments and institutions had vanished. The Builders were simply on their own with nobody to tell them what to do. Simply put, they were an independent agency and The Warden was their responsibility.

So the Builders as a whole discussed the matter at some length until they came to an agreement. The fact they were able to do this surprised them all, and changed how they saw themselves. But abbreviating a lengthy narrative, they agreed to launch The Warden.

But not before they added faster than light capability, at which point it became apparent to them that sending the ship off into the galaxy wasn’t really cost effective.

Thus The Warden was repurposed, becoming a space going university. Warden University as suggested by a human adolescent in a contest at her school. At present The Warden travels around the Solar System visiting the various worlds and holding classes. On two occasions she had traveled to Alpha Centauri where research has been done, though that work has yet to really settle any disputes.


Part three will deal with matters changed or caused by previous events.

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