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In Mythus Magick the author, E. Gary Gygax, let it be known that he really didn’t like the term “psionics”. He pointed out that the man who coined the term, John Campbell, had meant it to refer to psychic electronics, or electronic devices designed to amplify psychic abilities.

Seeing as the word “psychic” was being used as the name of a Spiritual Category, Gary decided he needed a term for psychic abilities, and in as much as such abilities are born of the mind he came up with the term “psychogenics”. It works for me, so I’m going to keep using it.

On Brain Net

Then I learn about Brain Net from MIT. Brain Net is an electronic device using a computer to connect mind to mind. Since thoughts can be considered as psychic, or psychogenic, and Brain Net is designed to amplify thoughts to make it easier for them to be shared between people, that makes Brain Net a psionic device. What it comes down to is, psionics are possible, and indeed we already have one.

But enough of this digression, on to the post proper.


The events leading up to the launch of the Warden, and those following after, meant changes in the Urth’s Solar System. First, it meant that the Builders realized just how much power they held in the Solar System, and that they were in effect the most powerful agency in existence. Naturally Lady Computer on Urth didn’t much care for this, but being a wise woman she decided to just let things slide, and to use her resources to keep on eye on the Builders as she worked on a solution to straighten out matters.

The powers that be (PTBs) on Venuz, Marz, and Luna also realized that matters had changed, though not always exactly how. Along with Urth they all started work on starships of their own, and at present all but Luna have ships exploring what of the galaxy they can reach with the technology they have available.

At the present the Builders have the most advanced ships, with their technology allowing for an effective speed of one light year a day. There are rumors of ships going 2 light years a day, and even talk of one light year an hour or even one a minute. Though it should be noted that at those velocities there appear to be signs of mental strain among the ship’s crew, and in a few cases a craft traveling at a speed of just one light year every 8 hours has seen those crew with higher Mental Traits showing bleeding from the eyes and ears. In addition, those with a high Spiritual Trait, especially those with a high Psychic Category, are having hallucinations, suffering delusions, and in one case being stolen away by a power or entity previously unknown.

The Khj

Then you have the matter of Tellus and Selene. Both resemble Urth and Luna to some extent, and are thought to have come about as much as the Urth/Luna system need, only many AU out past the orbit of Pluto. Tellus was also thought to be lifeless, until The Warden made a visit there and discovered life. Including an octopoid race known as the Khj. In fact on her second visit just a year later the crew of The Warden made contact with a Khj scientist name of Mrk. Didn’t take long to talk her into joining the crew, and she is now head of xenoboiology at Warden University. There is more to be said about Mrk and the Khj, but that gets to wait for a later post.

Present Day

At present The Warden is holding position at Urth’s L5 point, some 60° ahead of the Urth in Urth’s orbit. A number of samples of Urth’s trojan satellites have been collected, one weighing a 1,000 pounds according to the last divination cast on it. In addition evidence of pre Luna life has been found in the samples which appear to have used different amino acids than does modern Urth life, and arranged in quadruple helixes as well. Stories of life having survived out there long enough to evolve sapience are discounted by most scientists and savants, though one deity in a small Polynesian pantheon has proven rather cagey on the matter.

Luna’s robots are working on the problem of just why they can’t “power” a starship, The Builders and Lady Computer are cooperating on a few ventures (while at the same time spying on and conspiring against the other), and the Khj appear to be up to something, but nobody really has any idea as to what exactly.


And then you have the experiments being done at a number of locations on the matter of teleportation. Currently the problem appears to be with the size of the object to be teleported and it’s weight. But it appears that work being done in the arcane math specialty may soon have an answer for that.

And then you have a physics lab at a college at MIT (one of Lady Computer’s pet projects) exploring technology that would have a starship teleport itself for short distances, and do this often enough to simulate what starships are now doing on the astral plane.

But This Ain’t the End

For much like Kate Elliot with her Crown of Stars, it is becoming apparent to me that there is more to say on this matter. Which means a 4th part to this series. So back to composing I go.

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