Introduction to the Introduction

This is the introduction to the Dangerous Journeys adventure guide system. That’s about it.


Dangerous Journeys: Introduction

What you see before you is a set of mechanics to be used by adventure guides―AGs. The mechanics were designed to emulate the worlds to be found in adventure stories both old and young.

These are not the mechanics for a game, but instead a world or setting. They are not here to tell you how things must be done, but rather how things work in a Dangerous Journeys guide.

Now before we continue I’ll be explaining what I mean by “adventure.

An adventure is a serious of unpleasant events afflicting some poor sod a long ways away. Though to be honest with you, adventures can happen most anywhere to anyone.

Finding a child’s lost doll is an adventure, as is meeting someone new at a new place. And adventures can just happen, quite often before you are really ready for them. In addition, adventures aren’t always voluntary but can commence before you’re actually ready for it. And they’re not always what you’d expect them to be.

A Guide

A guide in this case refers to a set of writings that serve to describe a location, and how one explores and adventures in it. The description most often includes the locations to be found in the course of an adventure, as well as what one may find there and the people.

In an adventure guide such as Changeling the mechanics describe how things work. There are no rules limiting what a Persona—a DJ role― can do, for this Is a world you adventure in and not a special construct attempting to give all participants an equal chance to achieve a goal.

For an adventure guide presents a world for adventuring in. A world where no matter how imaginary it may be it is more like real life than it is a story.

Core Mechanic

At this time we’ll be looking at DJ’s core mechanic, the tool used to determine success or failure in any attempt to use a skill. The procedure is a simple one, the actor rolls percentiles trying to get the target number or less. The yellow background indicates that what you have just read is a mechanic and as such is public domain.

To put it another way: The actor determines success on any attempt to use a skill by rolling the target number or less on percentiles.

The Guide

A Guide is a person who guides the players through an adventure. It is he who presents the setting to them and takes on the roles the players do not. He is advised to apply the mechanics fairly, with no regard as to how they may affect a Persona.

He is also advised to play his roles to the best of their ability, keeping in mind their limitations as well as their advantages.

The Player

A Player is a person who plays a role in an Adventure Guide. He doesn’t have to be the best in anything, but he is asked to participate in the adventure as best he can.

He doesn’t have to cooperate with the rest of the players. As a matter of fact, he can even oppose them. But he is expected to take no unfair advantage of them.

When his Persona is a member of a group his player should help as much as he can and support his fellow Personae when they need that support. Keep in mind that as a player you are not competing against them as you might in a game, though at times your Persona may have goals that bring him into conflict with the others.

The purpose of an AG (Adventure Guide) is to have an adventure, not to show-off, boast, or dominate the other players. Remember, you are playing an individual in a world with possibly billions of others. Even trillions maybe. Certainly thousands.

Bridle your ego, listen to your Guide and your fellow Players, and have fun.

There You Have it

The introduction. How you handle matters is your business, just keep in mind that after some 54 years in this hobby I do have some useful experience. Remember that besides all else your best tool is a sense of humor.


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