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A Sad Fact

Namely, that aging has a price.

I’m cruel. At the same time I am cutting the HPs in DJ some slack. Has I have things set up in the SRD right now HPs start loosing STEEP at the age of 81. Not really many at first, but it gets worse as the years pass.

What this means is that the player will need to subtract STEEP from chosen K/S Areas. Later he may have to remove entire K/S areas. But I do have guidelines.

Those Areas with few points in them take priority. Only have 4 points in Cryptography? Then the HP would lose a point there, giving him 3 points plus Att. Once all STEEP is gone then the HP would have no real skill in the K/S and would have to rely on what amounts to guesswork to figure out codes and ciphers.

K/S Areas can be regained, but they would have to be re-learned. In addition, at the age of 81 the cost of learning a skill under any Trait increases to an AP cost of 6 points. As I said, I’m cruel.

There’s more to work out, but that’ll suffice for the moment.

A Point

Or why Dangerous Journeys can't be treated as a wargame


You get right down to it, no RPG can really be treated as a wargame. But we insist on it because mass slaughter is fun and doesn’t really require much thought.

I suspect Gary designed the system to make blithely going into combat a bitch, and that in order to discourage thoughtless rampaging. Of course, when you get right down to it, how the players handle matters depends a lot on how the guide handles them. He lets them run riot, then riot is how they’re going to run.

You get right down to it, running and playing in an RPG is a performance. You’re playing roles and when you play roles you really need to interact with the people you meet. Unfortunately in my society we tend to ignore and avoid interaction, and to interact with others is a skill that needs to be practiced.

But in most RPGs that I have seen it is the fighting that’s made simple, mostly as a way to keep the players’ attention and to keep them calm and collected. And the guide plays a big role in this, for all too often he finds it hard to interact with others.

In DJ?

In Dangerous Journeys™ I suspect Gygax made fighting a bitch to handle as a way to discourage it. Then in his own sessions—I played in one—he focused on his presentation and his performance. He gave you alternatives to bashing. I’m not Gary so I can’t do it even close to how he did, but I can come close enough for government work.

So I’m keeping the combat system, and advising all you out there planning on running a session or two to follow my advice.

My Advice

Engage your players, get them involved. Just as important, play your roles. Make your personae interesting. Mrs. Grumvell is not just a source of information, she is a person. A person with a personality. And a life. And family and neighbors. A player kills her for her small stash of pennies, those friends and neighbors will go after his Persona. Being a fugitive gets to be a tiresome bitch.

And use the roles you play to draw your players further into the world you present.

And most importantly let your world be interesting. That Gr’Th—a possible species for Abyss—may be a disquieting soul, but it may still be the party’s only lead to the last known location of the Veils of the Frog. Just remember that your sessions don’t all have to be about killing things and taking their stuff.

End Note

So yes, combat in Dangerous Journeys™ can be a bitch, but use that fact to encourage your pursuing other courses of action, and you encouraging your players.

The Rationale.

What Dangerous Journeys is about


In short, Dangerous Journeys™ is about adventure. But DJ™ is not what I would call a universal system, useful regardless of genre. No, the system was designed for one specific genre, though said genre does cover a wide variety of sub-genres


Or you could say that DJ is for a meta genre, that being the world of pulp fiction, with all the adventure and excitement and coincidences that run rampant in it.

The Worlds

That said, let it be noted that DJ™ is meant for one particular type of world. That world being the one found in the pulp fiction magazines of old. A world where most anything is possible, strange events occur, and the outre, the arcane, and the exotic happen, and not always in a distant land.

Our World?

In a sense it is, but not entirely. The worlds of Dangerous Journeys™ have much in common with the Earth we know, but at the same time they will include things we simply don’t have. We don’t have magick, we don’t have entities from beyond reality. We certainly don’t have organized groups striving to oppress up or to halt depredations. At least not as far as I know.

A DJ™ World

In a sense a Dangerous Journeys™ Earth is like ours, but with the volume set higher than normal. Things, important things, don’t necessarily happen more often there, but the HPs are more likely to get involved. Ever have a day when it seems that everything is piling up on top of you? And that said events just have to portend something momentous? You may just be an Heroic Persona. And my only answer to that is, be sure to keep lemonade on hand, for even major deities appreciate a cold glass when they’re dropping in from Asgard.

DJ’s Philosophy

That can be put into one world, heroics. Someone’s in peril, and you get to save him. He might be in some distant existence, he might be in his bedroom in the house he shares with you, either way you get to know about it, and you will be able to help

But you won’t always get rewarded. At least not with power and wealth. But you will almost always get yourself a reputation as a capable fellow, and called upon to do things that make scheduling events rather difficult.

For being heroic means people are going to expect it of you. You just had to save that hobgoblin from that drain pipe she was trying to clean. 

Though there are rewards to be gained by being heroic, but they’re not always in the form of tangible wealth. That hobgoblin you just saved may now of a lead to a mystery you’ve been pursuing. Or somebody may from some fey embassy may introduce themselves hoping you can introduce themselves to her.

For This is Life

That’s what it is when you get right down to, life. Life with magick, and conspiracies, and exotic lands and people, and a family with an eight year old daughter who turns into a bat to fly around pestering the local pigeons; but still life.

It may have travel to distant words, either orbiting your sun or another, or to another reality entirely, but it is still life. You will meet people. You will fight people. You may even make friends with a troll or become the foe of some local hero, but you will deal with people. That daring starship captain may be your opposition in one adventure, then turn around and be an ally in the next.

Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to be heroic, but there will be times when your heroics will be performed to save the dragon from the machinations of that princess.

End Note

And that, is incomplete and disorganized as it is, is the basic philosophy behind Dangerous Journeys. In short, that you can be heroic, that you are expected to be heroic, and that you can and will make a difference in the world. But also that there will be consequences, for no good deed ever went unpunished.

People will be relying on you and you really don’t want to disappoint them. But at least you’ll have stories to tell the grand kids.


This is not exactly my first post here in this blog, but it is the first one to be distributed to Facebook and the like. This is a narrowly focused blog, concentrating on one subject and how I see handling it. And yes, I do intend on including a lot of pictures.

I do have a lot more to do, such as getting the look of the blog to where I want it, while at the same time taking care to make sure you can enjoy your time here and get something out of Dangerous Journeys. Come back when you can and I’ll see about getting more material up.


This is not the game you were looking for.


This blog is for the Dangerous Journeys System. Not any guide or even game, but rather a system for role playing guides, or if you prefer to call it such, a role playing game.

What is it About?

Dangerous Journeys is about adventure. In part it is about travelling to exotic locations and meeting exotic people, but adventures aren’t always found there. For your own home can be a location for many adventures, and there will be times when you will need to be daring indeed just to make sure that the trash gets put out.

For courage is often called for, even when you are certain nothing could ever challenge you.

Your Role

As Player

As player it is your role to be ready. Ready to face dangers innumerable and foes incalculable. It is your role to use what the fates have granted you to be heroic. Not the hero, for that is what others get to call you. You get to be just another person, albeit one with some extraordinary qualities, but not ones that make you a hero, they just give you a better chance than most to be heroic.

Above all you need to be active. To be engaged. You are not here to be a passive audience, for RPGs are a warm medium needing you to take part. Don’t ask your guide to give you something to do, find something to do. Even if all you do is just say hello to a random soul on the street, it could well lead to adventure. Just remember, there is never nothing going on.

As Guide

As guide it is your role to guide. Which is harder than you’d think. As guide you need to know your world and those who live in it. You need to be ready to play those roles your players don’t play, and to do well enough to encourage those playing to accept your world as a sort of real life even though it is quite imaginary.

But always remember that it is their adventure, their world. You may lay out the basic framework, but it is they who will flesh it out. At the very least they will help you flesh things out.

And don’t just let them stand there twiddling their thumbs, engage them. They’re too shy to say hello, then say hello your damn self. It aint gonna kill you to get them off their butts.

That’s it

That’s it for now. I’ve got more coming up, but that can awhile. I hope to hear from you.